Career Profile

Analytical and tech-savvy professional with solid experience in data/software engineering, project management, and business applications development; optimizing complex data-driven systems. Proven history of success in managing the full life cycle of software development processes, which contained requirements data management, engineering, design, coding, testing, debugging, and maintenance. Skilled in creating data pipelines, managing data storage, transformation/cleaning, modeling, and implementation. Adept at directing technical projects from start to end, preparing and executing strategic plans and control structures for projects, and ensuring successful completion within time and budget. Expertise includes:

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) / Engineering System Integration / ETL Processes Data Processing & Modeling / Software Design / Software & Web Maintenance / Relationship Building Quality Assurance & Testing / Troubleshooting & Issue Resolution / Continuous Process Improvement


Data Engineer

August 2021 - September 2023
Strata Decision Technology

Designed, developed, and maintained scalable and efficient data pipelines to move data from various sources to data warehouses. Created and maintained data models and schemas to support business analytics and reporting needs. Optimized ETL processes to transform raw data into a usable format for analysis. Ensured execution of monthly data processing tasks. Pioneered development of a data export pipeline, providing clients with direct access to raw data.

  • Managed ETL pipelines to process vast amounts of 835 remit and 837 submit medical claims data (10B rows).
  • Leveraged proficiency in Python, Snowflake, AWS, ECS, Redshift, DBT, Luigi, and Dagster.
  • Developed a new data pipeline to fulfill client requests for raw data ingestion, creating a separate branch off the main pipeline to export data in parquet format; collaborated with the DevOps team to securely store the data in an S3 location.
  • Led transformation of a fragmented reference data landscape by migrating data from various formats and locations into a unified and easily accessible data lake, leveraging Dagster, and designing data pipelines to extract and deposit data into an AWS Athena-ready data lake on AWS S3.
  • Managed and monitored monthly data processing tasks, promptly resolving errors, and collaborating with data scientists when necessary, ensuring on-time, error-free data delivery to customers.

Software Engineer

November 2018 - August 2021
SmartBear / CrossBrowserTesting, Memphis, TN

Crafted automated Python tools for remote management of physical iOS devices. Designed, coded, tested, and maintained software applications in accordance with project requirements and coding standards. Collaborated with team to architect software solutions, considering performance, scalability, and maintainability. Ensured quality of software through thorough testing, code reviews, and debugging. Elevated system reliability and maintainability by completely overhauling iOS device lifecycle scripts in Python, surpassing 2019 Q4 device release goals by an impressive 40%.

  • Demonstrated competence in macOS, Linux, MySQL, iOS, Ansible, Docker, Python, and Golang.
  • Optimized provisioning process for MacMini systems by creating Ansible playbooks that automated configuration tasks.
  • Slashed provisioning time by 75%, leading to significant resource savings during new device releases.
  • Revolutionized device configuration procedures by researching and implementing an automation solution in collaboration with a fellow engineer as well as developed Python scripts to configure multiple devices, replacing the errorprone manual configuration of 28 devices per device family.

Application Development Specialist

February 2015 - November 2018
International Paper, Memphis, TN

Engineered internal PHP and Bash tools to automate server configurations for testing, incorporating live data copies. Collaborated with contractors to oversee the migration of plants from distributed servers to a centralized, virtual environment.

  • Utilized robust technical skills in Bash, MySQL, C# .NET, and MS SQL.
  • Automated test server provisioning with a PHP-based web app, reducing setup time to a few clicks and providing email notifications for users upon completion, significantly boosting efficiency
  • Successfully modernized multi-server tool’s configuration, transitioning it from old software to a new terminal emulator by rewriting C# application, enhancing user interface for usability, and creating tailored versions with feature restrictions.
  • Led the successful migration of 131 plant servers from a distributed model to a centralized infrastructure in Memphis as part of a 2 ½ year project.

Web Developer

November 2013 - February 2015
Higher Visibility, Memphis, TN

Customized and deployed localized versions of a Ruby on Rails lead generation application for international partners.

  • Masterminded seamless data migration process for each partner, transitioning from the previous ColdFusion/MS SQL application while ensuring maximum data retention.
  • Employed multiple notable technologies, such as Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL.

Contractor - Web Developer

May 2012 - September 2012
Share One Inc., Memphis, TN

Designed and maintained responsive and user-friendly websites using modern web technologies and best practices. Implemented user interfaces with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, ensuring cross-browser compatibility and optimal performance. Buit server-side components and integrated database systems to support website functionality.

  • Spearheaded development of enhancements for a Ruby on Rails-based Internet Banking application.
  • Demonstrated competence in Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL.

Student Chair

January 2010 - May 2012
University of Memphis Student Branch of IEEE, Memphis, TN
  • Successfully managed budgets and secured funding for yearly SoutheastCon Student Hardware Competition, averaging approximately $10,000 annually.
  • Initiated and maintained an electronics parts store, generating an annual income of approximately $500, providing essential components for students’ course projects.

Community Involvement

Memtech (Memphis Technology Community) -
  • Actively organized and hosted weekly in-person and virtual lunch meetups, fostering community connections and professional networking.
  • Successfully orchestrated an annual Holiday Party, including the management of sponsor campaigns, to create memorable and engaging experiences for participants.
  • Demonstrated leadership as a moderator for a community Slack team, ensuring a positive and inclusive environment for productive discussions.
GiveCamp Memphis -
  • Dedicated time and effort as an organizer to support charity selection, event planning, and technical administration, contributing to the success of community initiatives.
  • Enthusiastically participated in an annual hackathon, applying technical expertise to create innovative solutions for nonprofit organizations, demonstrating a commitment to social impact.